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From life as random Facebook posts to podcasts to now a full-blown website, the True Comedy Podcast has grown a ton over the previous few months.

With growth comes new opportunity, which is why we’re pleased to announce is live and ready for fans and supporters.

Started by Nicholas Finch and Kirstan Cunningham, this website is dedicated to entertaining readers and celebrating our unique brand of entertainment.

However, this won’t be just about the two of us. We are about celebrating the people who have helped us along the way as well as providing a platform for others to show their work to a global audience.

With this in mind, we have already added Latrisa Pugh and her “Trisa’s Truth About Money and More” podcast to the website. A resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and native of Toddtown, Alabama, Pugh’s podcast focuses on establishing a spirit of financial literacy explained in a way people who may be afraid of the idea can be comfortable with and understand.

Pugh also runs “Pugh Financial Coaching,” which was established to help those who seek understanding to help create a balanced budget. She has published a book as well titled “Finding Freedom in Finances,” a 21-day Devotional in which Pugh shares her personal stories in achieving financial goals as well as ways to help others do the same.

Also, on the website the very idea this whole experience was rooted in is back with the “Highly Debatable Top Ten” having a dedicated space. Started by Finch back in 2016, the Highly Debatable Top Ten is a listing of selected topics from 10 to 1 from the mind of the author. Just like topics from the True Comedy podcast, these lists could be about anything.

We thank you for your support so far and look forward to bringing you more forms of entertainment as time passes. Enjoy

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