A Brief Catch Up

Brief Catch up

It has been a longtime coming, but the True Comedy Podcast has a website. So far, we have nine episodes in the bag and another coming soon, but have no fear because the underdogs are here with links to the previous nine.

Episode 1: What That Mouse Do? A Countdown of Favorite Disney Songs – Nicholas Finch and Kirstan Cunningham debut the Highly Debatable Top Ten in Podcast form for the first time with a listing of top Disney Animated Picture songs. This was A Whole New World for them so Be Prepared.

Episode 2: All My Life I Had to Fight – Movies that Made Us – Nicholas and Kirstan talk about their favorite movies and how they shaped their lives. Some are funny. Some had to fight all their lives. You don’t want to close your eyes or fall asleep here, because you might miss something this week on A True Comedy. 

Episode 3: G-14 Classified – Exploring the Secrets of Area 51 – With the craze that has come from meme’s and a “planned” event to storm Area 51. Kirstan and Nicholas talk about what they’d hope to find there and also what they’d rather do than raid Area 51. 

Episode 4: The Only Thing I Wish…I Wish a Person Would!!! – Has someone crossed that Thin Line Between Love and Hate and now there’s Bad Blood? Here’s what we hope happen to those people (within the confines of the law).

Episode 5: Not Your Mom’s After School Special – Whether you’re team Hot Girl Summer or City Boy Summer, your summer is almost over. This week, in hilarious fashion,  we count down our top reasons for heading back to school. 

Episode 6: Meth Gators, Attack Squirrels & The Elusive Florida Man: A Countdown of the Craziest News Headlines – The True Comedy team dives head first into a pool of crazy, viral headline news. Listen as they succumb to clickbait and give their take on today’s trending topics!

Episode 7: A Cut Above the Rest – The True Comedy guys take a stab at their random questions and tackle the infamous O.J. Simpson. 

Episode 8: Kid Tested. Mother Approved: A Countdown of the Craziest Online Product Reviews – The True Comedy guys take a deep dive into the world of internet shopping and the outrageous reviews people leave.

Episode 9: It’s Not Always Fun & Games: A Countdown of Games Mostly Likely to Start a Fight  – From slumber parties to family reunions, Nich and Kirstan countdown their top ten games that are mostly like to start an argument….or send a wig flying. 

And there you are. All nine current episodes we have. Much more on the way. Enjoy True Comedy! Like, share and subscribe.

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