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Songs That Put NJF in His Feelings

Songs that have you looking like Drake some nights.

Listen…we all have a past. Some of these songs bring back fantastic memories. Others…are just memories. With that said, let’s explore some songs that put me (Nicholas Finch) in my feelings and why…for some. I mean, I’m still “friends” with some of the reasons let’s put it that way. Anyways…throw out AP style it’s time to get real. By the way, Drake…you get no loyalties from this post. Sorry.

10. Runaway Love – Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige

I hate to start the list in a somber way, but this song was one of the favorite songs of my deceased friend Edn’Drika Henderson by the time she passed in early 2007. Since then, I haven’t been able to listen to this song even once. This was a tough way to start yes, but I promise this will…well…you’ll see.

9. I’ll Be There – The Jackson 5

Back in ninth grade at good ole Clarke County High School, I decided I wanted to go out for the football team. I’d argue that had I not screwed up my ankle after spraining it playing basketball with a hole on the court (I’m an idiot), I would have done better in my football endeavors. ANYWAYS…my dad picked me in our old Chevy truck (RIP) and when he did, we’d listen to the Jackson 5 all the way home. My dad is my hero. This song reminds me of us the most.

8. Cater 2 U – Destiny’s Child

Okay…here we go. This song reminds me of a failed summer of 2005 when I was trying to talk to a young lady way out of my league. I should’ve known better. I didn’t. I failed miserably. My failure only made me a better man today.

7. Halo – Beyoncé

The only reason this song is this low is cause the only thing about it that gets me in my feelings is how beautiful it is. This is my favorite song by Beyoncé. I can’t explain it. We like what we like. This song makes me happy and sad. Happy to hear it. Sad because I may never love something more.

6. Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

What I’ll Be There is for my dad, this is my mom’s song. Made for the movie Armageddon, this song and the movie were staples of my household growing up…mainly because we watch movies over and over and over. There are probably better Aerosmith songs. There are definitely better movies, but nothing be better than the combination of these two things and how they influence the relationship with my mom.

5. Circles – Marques Houston

Chasing after the one that away is tough. Man…to be honest, I was such a punk and I could argue I still am. So, another song from 2007 from another young lady I was trying to just let go and let God out of my life. Well…no matter what she just stayed there. I got to the stop light, made four rights and was back where I started. Thankfully, 2007 and subsequent years have ended well. It was hard times back then.

4. Burn – Usher

Burn puts me in my feelings because it makes me nostalgic for my early teen years and the fun I used to have traveling with the Merida’s (cousins) and all the shenanigans with their in-laws. That’s about as vague as I can be with that. But yeah. Those were fun times and I miss that time in my youth. Being an adult is fun, but man take me back to 2003 once in a while.

3. Unappreciated – Cherish

I’m an R&B guy and a fella in touch with his emotions and how I feel. Let me tell you this. Teenagers should never be in “situationships.” They are not equipped emotionally to handle that and 2006 introduced me to the concepts. I think as far rough years that don’t mean crap anymore when you’re happy and married, 2006 might have been the worst. From home, to church, to school, band and love life, I truly felt…unappreciated. This song spoke to me.

2. We Belong Together – Mariah Carey

My favorite Mariah Carey song despite it being popular in that ill-fated summer of 2005. Some folks say they wouldn’t take anything back, but my goodness if I could just have a redo of 2005-early 2007 I do it again. I want to say it was a waste of time, but I learned a lot being a loser. Coming in second place (or last) place so many times. SMH. But this song in particular hits me hard because it is from my favorite artist. It’s a beautiful song. It was during some of the worst times in my life.

1. Promise – Ciara

I’m taking this to the grave. Just know this song is 13 years old and I can’t listen to it to this day. I just can’t. The person who did this to me knows. Maybe one day, I’ll hear the quick intro to this song and not instantly get moody and emotional. But I assure you, there’s not a single song on this planet that puts me more in my feelings than Promise. I wish I could say why, but…just…too personal. Can’t.

There it is. What’s the song or songs that get to you? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and let us know. Until next time, thanks for reading.

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