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Episode 64: Return of the Attack Squirrels!

This week the True Comedy guys, Nich and Kirstan, just want to make you laugh with a timely distraction. How does one dress up as an overdeveloped Power Ranger? How can you mistake ashes for cocaine? How do children taste? Get the answers to these questions and a whole lot more. Just remember, you gottaContinue reading “Episode 64: Return of the Attack Squirrels!”

Episode 43: White Adventures

Things NOT to do with your white friends (Cues Xena: Warrior Princess title music and narration) In a time of privilege, tangerine presidents and W.P.S… A land in pandemic cried out for adventure. They were the True Comedy guys, black guys forged in the name of comedy. The laughs…the debate…the anger… This episode will changeContinue reading “Episode 43: White Adventures”