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Episode 48: A Long Overdue Family Vacation

What’s one thing you really should do during a global pandemic? Go on a family vacation right? Well…if you’re smart you wouldn’t. So I guess our co-host Kirstan isn’t that smart. This week, join the True Comedy guys, Nich and Kirstan, as they talk about all the craziness that comes along with taking a familyContinue reading “Episode 48: A Long Overdue Family Vacation”

Episode 40: The Dating Game

Tale as old as time. True as it can be. What’s dating like in the 21st century? This week, Nich and Kirstan are joined by their truly better halves, Whitney and Allie. Listen as they recount hilarious courtship stories and tackle the current dating climate. Do you want to know what each person does toContinue reading “Episode 40: The Dating Game”

Episode 22: Vasectomy Peas

A Countdown of Lies Parents Tell You may just think they are little white lies. You may tell them with no intended consequences…but sometimes we tell little small lies. The True Comedy guys, and Special Guest Brenda, count down the funny, silly, and bizarre lies parents tell. Fair warning, not the most kid friendly episode;Continue reading “Episode 22: Vasectomy Peas”