Episode 34: Pee-Pee Town

A Staged Reading of True Comedy Joined by the University of West Alabama’s Theater Director, Rhonda Wooley, the True Comedy guys take you on a thespian journey. Is all the world really a stage? Are there really only small parts and no “tiny” actors? Can we do a staged reading of True Comedy? Listen todayContinue reading “Episode 34: Pee-Pee Town”

Episode 33: Stupid Tuesday:

Another Pointless Debate with Dumb Questions Political debates feature the best and brightest political minds. A True Comedy debate features dumb questions with hilarious answers. Premiering on Super (Stupid) Tuesday, Nich and Kirstan welcome special guest Hunter Stuart as the moderator for their dumb debate. Listen as they debate the most obscene and idiotic topics.Continue reading “Episode 33: Stupid Tuesday:”

Episode 32: Shake That Couch For Cats

 The Broke Chronicles What’s your Netflix info? This week, Nich and Kirstan recount stories of their less fortunate and broke days. Are you in between blessings? Does all powder drink mix taste the same? Did a cat just fall out of that couch?  Move your money from your savings to your checking and laugh atContinue reading “Episode 32: Shake That Couch For Cats”

Episode 30: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Beat 'Em:

Crazy Sports Moments Joined by the University of West Alabama’s Head Football Coach, Brett Gilliland, the True Comedy guys count down the craziest moments in sports. Are you in the market for a figure skating coach? How mad would you have to be to head butt someone? Are ears that tasty? Find out these answersContinue reading “Episode 30: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Beat 'Em:”

Episode 29: An Ill-Advised Time Hop

Let’s take a trip! This week the True Comedy guys, and friend of the show Chelsea Tucker, take an ill-advised trip down memory lane as they recount their most cringe inducing tweets, status updates, and social media antics. Listen and laugh along on your favorite podcast player. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher,Continue reading “Episode 29: An Ill-Advised Time Hop”

Episode 28: The White (Right) Answer

A Game of Black, White, or Other This week Nich and Kirstan return to the headlines for a game of Black, White, or Other! Does the crime committed apply to a specific race? Who smuggles a meth lab in their pants? Have you ever misread the packaging of your hair care products? Play along onContinue reading “Episode 28: The White (Right) Answer”

Episode 26: Not So Evergreen: Exploring Trending Topics

From WWIII to a continent on fire, Nich and Kirstan explore trending topics from across the globe. What would you do if your phone records were subpoenaed? Would you take medicine to shrink your pride and joy? Why has 2020 has been such a long year? We answer these questions and more.  Listen on AppleContinue reading “Episode 26: Not So Evergreen: Exploring Trending Topics”

Episode 25: Just 'Cause: A Random Conversation

On an unscripted and improvised episode, Nich and Kirstan take a hilarious trip through random thoughts, questions, and moments of sheer self-reflection. From food, former jobs, and hobbies…nothing is off limits.  Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and all other podcast platforms.

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