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Episode 44: Movin’ on Up:

A Countdown of Black Sitcoms Fish don’t fry in the kitchen; Beans don’t burn on the grill. Took a whole lotta tryin’ Just to get this debatable ranking of Black sitcoms. Join the debate with your favorite podcast hosts, Nich and Kirstan as they rank their favorite Black sitcoms. Did your favorite make the list?Continue reading “Episode 44: Movin’ on Up:”

Episode 43: White Adventures

Things NOT to do with your white friends (Cues Xena: Warrior Princess title music and narration) In a time of privilege, tangerine presidents and W.P.S… A land in pandemic cried out for adventure. They were the True Comedy guys, black guys forged in the name of comedy. The laughs…the debate…the anger… This episode will changeContinue reading “Episode 43: White Adventures”

Episode 42: An Incredibly Long Dad Joke

…And Other Trending Topics Fresh from a mental health break, your favorite podcast host are back with some fresh heat. What life events are they talking about this week? Everything from crazy IG live antics to Tiger King are on the docket. This week, Nich and Kirstan tackle trending topics in a hilarious manner. Remember,Continue reading “Episode 42: An Incredibly Long Dad Joke”

Episode 41: Brain Break

The Best of True Comedy pt. 1 What day of the week is it? Does anyone even know? When was the last time you put on pants? In a world that has completely turned into a rejected M. Night Shyamalan movie plot, the True Comedy guys take a well deserved mental health day and recountContinue reading “Episode 41: Brain Break”

Episode 40: The Dating Game

Tale as old as time. True as it can be. What’s dating like in the 21st century? This week, Nich and Kirstan are joined by their truly better halves, Whitney and Allie. Listen as they recount hilarious courtship stories and tackle the current dating climate. Do you want to know what each person does toContinue reading “Episode 40: The Dating Game”

Episode 39: Weather the Storm

It’s time to channel the kid meteorologist in us all! In the days where almost nothing else crazy can happen, it does. Nich and Kirstan discuss the crazy things done to prepare for severe weather. When it’s snowing, do you update your status so your friends without windows know? Do you admire our southern drawl?Continue reading “Episode 39: Weather the Storm”

Episode 38: 90’s Baby: Things We Miss From Our Childhood

Before the days of Netflix, online shopping, and reality star Presidents, there was a period of time called the 90s. From TV shows to pop culture, Nich and Kirstan take a trip back to their childhood to discuss the things they miss. What do you miss from the time before you paid bills? What wereContinue reading “Episode 38: 90’s Baby: Things We Miss From Our Childhood”

Episode 37: Why Are There Raisins in This? Ask a White Person!

From a viral internet post, to an episode of True Comedy, Nich and Kirstan take turns asking questions all black people wonder about white people. The True Comedy guys spend 45 minutes interrogating friend of the show Shaw Cornelius as he answers for his race. Why don’t you all talk about your cousins? Why areContinue reading “Episode 37: Why Are There Raisins in This? Ask a White Person!”

Episode 36: The Day After Quarantine

A Countdown of Disaster Movies What happens after the craziness of a life changing event? How does life return to normal? This week, Nich and Kirstan tackle the questions left to answer following life changing events in movies. Are you going crazy from the quarantine? Do you need a good laugh? Watch out for CovidContinue reading “Episode 36: The Day After Quarantine”