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The Best Wrestling Theme Songs Since 2000

The most obvious question to start is, “Why 2000?” Well It’s because I started watching wrestling and specifically the WWE (then WWF) in the year 2000.

Another question is, “Why another music based Top Ten?” Because I like music and I think nothing really shows a person’s personality better than music. I believe it’s the gateway to a person’s soul…whew that got deep. Anyways, let’s ranked some wrasslin’ music and the reason I probably love rock music more than I should.

Also, the key word here is song. Themes without lyrics were not allowed.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This list actually changed with me having a night of sleep)

10. No More Words – Jeff Hardy – Listen. Jeff Hardy and this theme remind me of some fun times in 2008 and 2009. This theme gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Time has come and gone for words about this theme. It’s awesome and he needs to bring it back if he gets to comeback.

9. You’re Gonna Pay – The Undertaker – A very unpopular character for older wrestling fans, but a theme that I love for a version of the Undertaker I loved the most. You didn’t have to like Big Evil, but man. This theme is life. No more chances. No more excuse, no lies.

8. Get Ready to Fly – AJ Styles – And here is why names matter. This is a TNA theme. And my introduction to the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Some folks who don’t know him would prefer his WWE theme. But I know better. This is the better. This was his younger prime. And most importantly, the better song.

7. Gold Medal – Kurt Angle – No. It’s not his WWE theme that is a different level of iconic. But his TNA theme is technically the theme he had the longest. And it matches every bit of the machine he was in the company. We’re Angle fans forever.

6. The Time Is Now – John Cena – The beat still knocks. You didn’t think we’d have a wrestling list with no John Cena? Don’t you know me? This song is timeless. WWE events need this theme. I miss it. I want it back. Please come back John. We need this theme.

5. Voices – Randy Orton – This is a theme that you if you’re in a good mood when you hear it, you’ll be moody after it. The only themes that match a character or human better will be themes higher in the count. I love this so much I almost can’t watch any of Randy’s matches before he changed to this.

4. Glass Shatters – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Most folks enjoy the simple, no lyric Attitude Era version of this song. Me? No way. Disturbed get ahold of the beat and laid down the reason I can listen to metal and rock music today with Glass Shatters. I should’ve gotten many a speeding ticket cause of this song.

3. The Game – HHH – As the Triple H, or HHH, character he’s never had a bad theme. I’m not talking Hunter Hearst Hemsley. I’m talking the shortened version. But yes. When you think of HHH, you think of The Game.

2. I Walk Alone – Batista – Yooooooo. Sometimes that’s all you can say. This theme gets your blood pumping. Makes you ready to work out, fight or just anything but sit still. I walk alone is perfect for Batista, perfect for his character and just flat out a fantastic song.

1. Metalingus – Edge – Perfection. It’s the definition of perfection. Never has a song fit a human better than Edge. I don’t have the words. On this day, I see clearly. Everything has come to light. As soon as his trademark, “You think you know me?” hits, greatness follows. Edge stood as my favorite wrestler for a long while. This theme helped.

Honorable mention

Are You Ready – D-Generation X – Remember I start watching wrestling in 2000. DX was using the Run DMC “The Kings” theme. And Yeah…I like that way better…it’s not better. But I like it more. But I won’t deny, the original is timeless.

Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels – A timeless classic. It’s older than 2000, but he also wrestled 2002-2010 with this song so it counts.

Judas – Chris Jericho – He left the WWE and made this Fozzy hit his late career theme. And I love it. The definitive song from his band. Jericho is the smartest worker in the business.

Break Down the Walls – Chris Jericho – BREAK THE WALLS DOOOOOOWWWNNNN! This was the hardest to leave off. It gets you going, and it fits Jericho like a glove. It’s iconic. Was in the Top Ten for a little while until I slept and came back to this.

Just Close Your Eyes – Christian – Captain Charisma gets an honorable mention because…well…I don’t have a good reason. A good theme is just a good them sometimes. Christian had it. And his song had two good versions.

Girl –

Boy –

My Time – HHH – His first solo theme after DX. It was magnificent. Love. Love. Love. Nothing else to say.

Whatever – Chris Benoit – Listen…we know Chris Benoit is a horrible human being for what he did to his family. I’m not going to glorify his career in anyway. This unfortunately was a great theme from a guy who ended up not deserving it.

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